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Stangen Life Cover

Celebrating South African heroes

For most South Africans sending money home, or caring for extended family or the broader community, is part of life. What makes us unique is that we don’t see it as a burden, but something we’re proud of.
There is a healthy tension between supporting others, and investing in our own dreams and wealth creation. At Stangen we want you to become financially free and have the right amount of life insurance cover. Don’t limit the aspirations you have for yourself and your family. Invest in YOU!



Stangen Salary Protection

Protect your world by protecting your income

Your income supports the lifestyle you enjoy. Where would you be without it? You could be left struggling to pay everyday expenses like your bond, rent, groceries or school fees. Stangen Salary Protection will pay you a monthly income if you are “disabled” through illness or injury and are unable to work. The payments will start after you have been off work for 3 months and will be limited to 75% of your after-tax income immediately before you became disabled. You’ll know that your family and financial commitments will be taken care of when you’re unable to work. Now that’s wise.




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Stangen Critical Illness Cover

Protect your world if you become seriously ill

Critical Illness Cover pays you a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a stroke, suffer a heart attack, undergo heart surgery or are diagnosed with cancer (and you don’t die within 30 days of the first diagnosis). The exact qualifying definitions will be included in your policy wording.  Diagnoses must be confirmed by the Stangen appointed medical officer. Add critical illness cover when you buy your Stangen life insurance for greater peace of mind. Now that’s wise



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Stangen Disability 

Protect your world if you become permanently disabled

Stangen Disability Cover will provide a single payout in full if you are totally and permanently unable to perform your insured occupation (and any similar occupation to which you are suited by skill, education and training) due to a permanent disability through illness or injury. Disability insurance provides you with an income to help you pay everyday expenses like your bond, rent, groceries or school fees and maintain your lifestyle if you become permanently disabled. Now that’s wise.


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Stangen Funeral 

Protect your family for R75pm

Leaving a legacy and looking after the ones you love for life is all about planning. With our range of funeral cover options, you can insure your entire family, as well as you relatives, for as much as R50 000, ensuring they can give you the goodbye you want, and keep living well after you are gone.


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Responsible products for responsible people

You work hard every day to earn your money. Not only do you have to care for your own family, but you’re also expected to help out other family members who have needs. At Stangen we back heroes like you who care for others, but also try not to spend on unnecessary things. Being a pillar in your community requires responsibility. So why not take your life cover with an insurer that honours those who want to be financially wise?

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We pride ourselves on providing affordable cover and service that makes it easy for you to protect your life.

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