About Stangen

At Stangen we are committed to providing responsible insurance for responsible people

The Stangen team is committed to meeting the true modern life protection needs of our customers through our responsible insurance products and our thoughtful and attentive service. Your family are the people you care about. That’s why you take responsibility for them. Our team share that responsibility with you by giving you the tools you need to protect them.

Stangen delivers Personalisation

We all have different lives and circumstances, and you deserve cover and protection that is suited to your life. With Stangen, you can set the cover you choose – instead of paying for things you don’t need.

Stangen delivers Quality

Our range of products are designed to meet your needs by providing quality life insurance, funeral cover and insurance that protects you and those you love.

Stangen delivers Affordability

You deserve the best cover without unnecessary costs. We give our families the range of products and protection they need based on their unique circumstances.

Stangen delivers Responsibility

Being responsible is about more than doing the right thing today: it’s about thinking ahead and making sure you make wise choices that last a life time. And with us, you can.

Our History

Founded in 1948, the entity has a rich, diverse history. We have evolved through various business cycles and changes in ownership to provide affordable products to suit every situation. Since June 2017, The Standard General Insurance Company Limited has been marketing itself under the shortened brand name, “Stangen”. The business was then acquired by King Price Financial Services in February 2020, The Standard General Insurance Company Limited name was changed to King Price Life Insurance Limited in May 2022.

Stangen Today

Stangen, a product of King Price Life Insurance Limited provides a range of insurance products designed for individuals and community groups (including companies, membership groups, and special interest groups) across the Assistance (funeral), Disability, Health, and Life Insurance sectors. Our products are purposefully designed to be inclusive and promote responsible, wise financial decisions, for everyone.

Our Customer Service

We pay claims quickly and pride ourselves in this service promise to our customers. Our products are simple and provide value for money.

Our Customers

Our Customers:

  • Think about the future
  • Care about their families
  • Are thoughtful about how they spend money
  • Want to leave a legacy
  • Plan ahead

Our Products

In addition to providing death and disability cover, we specialise in the underwriting of retrenchment risk. Since 2012 we have introduced a more diversified portfolio of products and distribution, with our funeral insurance product being the most popular.

Our Team

The Stangen team is a dynamic and diverse group of individuals, who are committed to providing solutions to our customers, and to paying claims as fast as we can. Try us on our promise.


We are an extremely well-capitalised insurance company, and customers can have faith in our financial soundness. We are 100% owned by King Price Financial Services (Pty) Ltd.  Please visit the King Price website for more information: