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Leaving a legacy and looking after the ones you love for life is all about planning for the unexpected.

Commuter Cover will pay out if you die or are disabled as result of a commuting-related accident as a non- professional driver, passenger or pedestrian.

Now that’s wise.

The Commuter Cover Benefits

Up to R500k Death Cover

If you die from a commuting-related accident (or 30 days thereafter). This money will be paid to your beneficiary.

Up to R500k Disability Cover

If you are permanently disabled, as a result of a commuting-related accident, this money will be paid to you or your beneficiary once proven.

Up to R50k Funeral Cover

This money will be paid to your beneficiary within 24 hours of proof of death for the purposes of covering funeral costs.

Up to R50k ICU Cover

If you are admitted to an Intensive Care Unit in a Hospital resulting from a commuting-related accident, this money is available to cover these expenses.

What does my Commuter Cover do if I’m in an accident?

There are 4 benefits bundled with commuter cover. Death, Disability, Funeral and ICU cover.

  • Death – If you die , the cover amount (or sum assured) is paid out to whoever you choose (your beneficiaries) – ensuring your family can keep living well after you are gone.
  • Disability– a single payout in-full if you are totally and permanently disabled (Major Head trauma, loss of limbs) or a half payout (50%) for loss of use of a limb.
  • Funeral– payment within 24 hours of your death. ensuring they can give you the goodbye you want.
  • ICU cover – to cover the costs if you are admitted to an Intensive Care Unit in a Hospital.

What can my Commuter Cover be used for?

Settling your personal debts, family debts, medical bills, paying school fees and more. Your beneficiaries can choose!

Leaving an inheritance for beneficiaries.

What does my Commuter Cover not cover?

If the accident is not related to your commute it is not covered.

Alcohol – If the claim is due to, or arises from you being over the limit with regards to your blood alcohol content.

Wilful exposure to danger, i.e. If you cause your own death.

How much Commuter Cover can I buy?

You can choose from 3 options: Silver, Gold or Platinum

Silver for R49pm
Gold for R69pm
Platinum for R129pm

When does my Commuter Cover expire?

All Commuter Cover continues until the age of 89. For each benefit, once 100% of the cover amount has been paid out the benefit in question terminates.

The ICU benefit terminates after 2 admissions have been paid.

How does Funeral Cover work?

In the event of your death, the funeral cover amount will be paid to your nominated beneficiaries within 24 hours of all required information for a valid claim being received.

How does ICU Cover work?

In the event of an accident, if you are admitted to ICU (Intensive care unit). We pay the amount specified for each ICU admission. But only once per year and a max of two for the policy. This money is either paid to the hospital or the contact if payment has already been made.


Commuter Cover Terms and Conditions

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