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The wise choice

Leaving a legacy and looking after the ones you love for life is all about planning. With our cover options, you’ll know that your family and financial commitments will be taken care of when you’re gone. We know you are trying to make the best choices for your family. Look after their future by extending your cover to include salary protection, critical illness and disability cover. Now that’s wise.


Up to R10 million cover

Customize your cover to suit you and your family's needs. Qualify for up to R10 million cover from a trusted provider that will look after your loved ones.

No Waiting Period

Our Life Cover has no waiting period allowing you to get the cover you need and be covered as soon as possible.

No Medical Exams

In an effort to provide quality products that put our clients first and save them time; there are no medical exams required to qualify for this product*

Take care of your bills

Being responsible is about more than doing the right thing today; it’s about thinking ahead and making sure you make wise choices that last a life time. And with us, you can.

What does my Life Cover do?

As far as insurance goes, life cover is pretty straightforward: if you die for any reason, the cover amount (or sum assured) is paid out to whoever you choose (your beneficiaries). With life cover in place, you’ll know that your family and financial commitments will be taken care of when you’re gone. That’s the Stangen way –  being wise about life.

What can my Life Cover be used for?

Settling your personal debts, family debts, medical bills, paying school fees and more. Your beneficiaries can choose!

Providing investment income for dependents’ recurring expenses such as education and living costs.

Leaving an inheritance for beneficiaries.

What does my Life Cover not cover?

If you cause your own death, and it is believed that suicide was intended.

Certain specific exclusions (which will be very clearly communicated during the process of buying a policy) based on  your health or your lifestyle.

How much Life Cover can I buy?

Depending on your income, you can qualify for Life Cover of between R100 000 and R10 million.
For Funeral Cover needs below R100 000 sum assured, please select this link.

When does my Life Cover expire?

Life Cover only expires at death, provided you maintain your premium payments.

How can I customise my Life Cover?

We offer an accelerated funeral add-on; whereby we prioritise a speedy payment to your beneficiaries to cover funeral expenses, whilst completing the rest of the claims assessment process for the remainder of the Life Cover amount.

How does Accelerated Funeral work?

In the event of your death, the funeral cover amount will be paid to your nominated beneficiaries within 24 hours of all required information for a valid claim being received. The remaining portion of the Life Cover amount will be paid after a full claims investigation has been completed.

*Depending on your risk profile you may be required to go for an HIV test.

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A responsible action today can make a big difference to the future of the people you care about. Your family are the people you care about, that’s why you take responsibility for them. Taking care of their future means making wise financial decisions today.

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We make claiming easy. All you need to do is send us the documents we need, or phone us for help.

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Terms and Conditions

Everything you need to know is clearly indicated in your policy documents and in our Terms and Conditions.

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